Our Hardware Services

Hardware Diagnostic

We diagnose your computer, laptop and other devices, and offer options to improve their performance.

Hardware Repairs & Fixing

Our repair equipment services cover all your personal requirements. We repair printers, replace screens, replace parts, provide equipment and offer a wide range of other related services.

Screen Repairs

Our company specializes in replacing screens for laptops and MacBooks of all models. The guarantee of the best price and saving your time will be fully fulfilled. At the same time, we also provide a guarantee for our work for 1 year.

MacBook Fixing

We provide a full range of spare parts for MacBook devices and provide maintenance of both hardware and software parts of all devices with the iOS operating system.

Upgrade PC & Laptops

We evaluate the condition of your computer, laptop and other equipment, and offer opportunities to improve their performance.

Infrastructure Installation

We develop and implement comprehensive solutions that include all the necessary infrastructure for your business, call centers, control rooms, monitoring stations and back offices.

Gaming PC Solutions

We provide gamers with outstanding solutions and services that include assembling gaming PC, cleaning fans and cooling systems, checking the performance of gaming devices, updating drivers and replacing thermal paste.

Printers & Toners Solutions

We provide printer and toner maintenance services. We specialize in eliminating any printer errors and also offer cartridge replacement and refilling services.

Hardware Upgrade

We upgrade your systems, eliminating outdated technologies and bringing them in line with advanced hardware and software solutions, in order to increase and optimize your operational efficiency at any time.