Almost all electronic devices today are intelligent. Others can be plugged into a smart outlet and fully controlled. Intelligent automation systems are easy to use, energy efficient and safe.

Smart devices can notify you when problems occur, such as Power failure or door open. There are also smart systems for the whole house. These can control heaters, water systems, etc., and are especially useful in the event of a power surge or pipe burst. An integrated and automated system allows you to stop disasters from afar.

I want to avoid erratic behavior. For example, don’t pull all the curtains when they’re normally open or leave your car parked in the driveway while you’re away.

Many cameras are inexpensive, have cloud storage, and can be viewed via an app. By installing it inside and outside the house, you can deter criminals.

A home does not have to be professionally monitored to serve you. Get a professional sign and hang it around your property. Keep some safety instructions clearly visible. This first line of defense can stop burglars before they even set foot on your property.

Smart home systems can be remotely monitored and controlled. Homeowners can set up cameras and sensors to track movement and sound. You can save all your data in case you catch someone in action with cloud recording.

Use smart lighting, including indoor and outdoor lighting, to set up lighting routines that mimic your typical daily routine. If the bad actors don’t notice you’re gone, they won’t approach you.

Don’t Advertise Your Absence

Our devices know you’re away and therefore act accordingly, including raising or lowering the thermostat, equipping security alerts and motion sensors, adjusting lights, and more.

Set it and forget it in action

Schedule repetitive actions to trigger automatically on a schedule, including porch lights, which turn on at dusk and turn off again at dawn. You can even create a schedule for your outdoor sprinkler system and set it to not turn on when it rains.

Motion detection

Avoid security obstacles by automating devices in your home, including turning on lights when you enter a room, unlocking doors when you approach, and more.

All of these require little or no interaction, but can make a big difference in a consumer’s quality of life. Upgrading your security has never been easier, as these security features adapt to your family’s behavior, allowing them to automate based on data about you, as well as work. with sensors throughout the house.

Invest in a Backup Power Source 

Without electricity, your house is a sitting duck. Even your smart automation will be useless without electricity. And with climate change continuing, you can no longer count on regular weather patterns.

Even without the threat of burglars, a home without electricity is a disaster awaiting your return. The refrigerator will turn into a science experiment. In winter, pipes can freeze and burst without heat. Mold can form due to lack of fresh air. No power leads to terrible things.

Protect your home by investing in a backup generator, especially a CARB-compliant generator. These generators ensure lower emissions and are safer in the home because they use higher quality components. Of course, they must be installed correctly in order to work properly.

Make sure the generator’s power potential can meet your power requirements. A home backup generator can generate up to 20,000 watts of power, enough for an entire home. Or, you can dial in the right size to ensure only lights and security systems work when you’re away.

Automation can solve many of the problems homeowners face while away. Establish a lighting routine and schedule. Ensure the continuous operation of the security system with connected cameras and sensors. These systems will not only protect your home while you’re away, but can also make your life easier when you return.