Izzzi.LifeMINT – Apart Hotel
Clients: IzziLifeMint
Category: IT, Technology
Date: 2023

Interview with a representative of IzziLifeMint Hotel about their collaboration with the state company Genius Ahmed in installing hotel systems, IPTV system, voice control system, independent lighting, and guest Wi-Fi system.

Question: Please tell us about your hotel’s journey with Genius Ahmed and the project to upgrade your technological work.

IzziLifeMint: Collaborating with Genius Ahmed was a pivotal step for us in enhancing the quality of our guest services. Our goal was to create a modern and innovative setup that would make our guests as comfortable and convenient as possible.

Question: What were the main tasks and goals of the project?

IzziLifeMint: The bulk of the project was aimed at providing our guests with the best technological solutions for their convenience. We aimed to install modern IPTV systems, voice control, and guest Wi-Fi to offer guests access to a variety of services and entertainment.

Question: What solutions and technologies were proposed by Genius Ahmed?

IzziLifeMint: Genius Ahmed provided a complete solution, including a state-of-the-art IPTV system for interactive content delivery, voice control system for comfortable interaction with the environment, integrated lighting solutions to create the atmosphere, and guest Wi-Fi for dynamic internet access.

Question: What were the results achieved after the project’s completion?

IzziLifeMint: The results of the project were fantastic. Our guests now have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of entertainment and services right from their rooms, thanks to IPTV and voice control. The lighting infrastructure has created a perfect ambiance in the hotels, and the guest Wi-Fi system ensures reliable connectivity anywhere.